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Our Certifications

We are committed to looking out for the well being of their associates, employees and community as well as to preventing contamination and preserving the environment to satisfy client demands and expectations.

ISO 14001: For the past three years, we have implemented, maintained and worked under international guidelines which guarantee our clients that all our processes are carried out in harmony with the environment and comply with
all legal requirements to be socially and environmentally responsible.

ISO 9001: For three years in a row, we have obtained and maintained this certification. This is possible because our company complies with all the parameters and rigorous requirements which support all processes that guarantee quality processed coffee, through strict controls carried out at every step of the coffee process within the company
and until its final delivery.

Isthmus Coffee Central American Coffee Coffee Growers

Sustainable coffee under the Rainforest Alliance seal is the core of our efforts to motivate producers to conserve
their ecosystems by protecting fertile soils, rivers and wildlife and improve quality of life for farm workers and their communities.

In 2009, we opted for the fair trade certification which guarantees our buyers that the activities carried out are not
only in harmony with the environment but that productivity and social responsibility are balanced both on the farm and in the coop.

(Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices): This certification, like Rain Forest Alliance, is based on soil conservation, conservation of water resources and flora and fauna conservation criteria generally in the coffee plantation. This certification stands out because it reinforces the social responsibility of the farm workers.


Isthmus Costa Rica Peaberry Beans Coffee

This rare and unique pea shaped bean is very carefully selected as only a small percentage is harvested worldwide.
It is believed to roast more evenly than normal coffee beans due to their shape. These distinct characteristics make
it an experience worth tasting, as this coffee bean creates a flavor all it's own.
Whole Bean and Ground
Light, Medium, Dark roasted, packing like order

Isthmus Costa Rica Highland Coffee

This outstanding fresh medium roasted coffee is planted, harvested, roasted, and packaged by us, and a 40 year old Costa Rican coffee growers cooperative uniting 700 families of the Santa María de Dota Region.
Whole Bean and Ground,
Light, Medium, Dark roasted, packing like order.

Isthmus Costa Rica Espresso roast Coffee
The master roasters have perfected their espressos roast ensuring amazing espressos every time.
Whole Bean and Ground, dark roasted, packing like order.

Isthmus Coffee Reserva Especial
This masterful blend is a true taste of the world renown Tarrazú coffees.
Whole Bean and Ground, packing like order.
Tobacco Leaves
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