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REVIEW: Suenos Oro Robusto
JacoSun Online Magazine
Mike Williams, Editor

Suenos Oro

So far, during the little more than a year of searching for that exceptional Costa Rican cigar
it has been frankly, disappointing. I am not talking about Cubans. That's a different story.
I'm talking about a search for a Costa Rican made cigar that is in the class of the top ten best I've ever had.

Well, it finally happened! The brand is called SUEÑOS (dreams), and they are. The one that I sampled (actually I've gone through 2 boxes), is the white label with 7 gold stars. They also make a blue label that is a Nicaraguan/Costa Rican blend. Finally somebody in the Costa Rican cigar manufacturing world gets it! There are only three sizes of Sueños Oro available at the present time: Gran Corona 48x6 20/box, and Robusto Jr 50x4.5 20/box and Petit Corona 40x4 50/box. All are constructed with 100% Costa Rican tobacco and covered with a maduro natural-café wrapper that has been well taken care of and aged properly.

My preference is the Robusto Jr. These little gems are medium to strong, with a good finish, excellent ash and rolled just tight enough for a good draw. At this point, most official cigar critics tell you what the taste reminds them of i.e.: chocolate, coffee, spice etc. I don't know. All I know is, that it is good and retails for around $6.00 ea. Cigar smoking in Costa Rica is not viewed as a threat to the public health or an interference with your right to breathe air from the sky---sans tobacco smoke! Come in to the Jacosun for cigars!

REVIEW: Chieftains Highland Selection Corona
Cigar Asylum.com
Chieftains Highland

From Isthmus Cigars in Costa Rica. This brand is blended to pair with the Chieftains Scotch Whiskies, this is the Highland blend.

The cigar is wrapped in a very smooth medium brown H2000 wrapper. It has a medium draw, perfect seams, cuts nicely and is firm and weighty in the hand. The pre light examination reveals aromas of well cured tobaccos, brown sugar, a taste of cocoa, and spicy tobacco tastes.

The first half gives a firm taste of oak, fine leather notes, hints of pepper and a clean, dry
stony finish.

The second half of this smoke produces light caramel notes, big tastes of leather, a slight saltiness, and a very clean dry finish. The palate is slightly coating, the burn is perfect to the nub.

I am very pleased by the construction and overall quality of all of the cigars offered by Isthmus, the tobaccos are uniformly mature, the cigars are well made, firm and always burn very evenly.

It is nice to find a company that offers the consumer a wide range of blends with this level of consistancy... I think this blend will pair nicely with many types of spirits, as well as malt whiskies.....

REVIEW: Suenos Oro Robusto
Cigar Asylum.com
Suenos Oro

This is the Suenos Oro robusto from Inversiones of Costa Rica. The wrapper is a toothy oily brown, very smooth and has very clean seams,well made and firm. The prelight inspection offers rich mature tobacco aromas and taste, notes of caramel,brown sugar and oak. On light up, there is a bold taste of rich tobacco, notes of caramel and brown sugar, aromas of
cedar and fragrant herbal notes.

The first half produces a big taste, leather and chewy flavors of rich tobacco, caramel,
the aromas are deep and exotic, almost floral and very enjoyable.There is a touch of dryness
on the finish, and a gentle palate coating feel.

The second half stays solid and tasty, the intensity builds a bit, leather and caramel still present, but stays pleasant and very nice, a very well mannered smoke. The burn has been perfect throughout.

This is another winner from Costa Rica, I have been very impressed by the quality of construction and the overall taste profile of the cigars offered by Inversiones. I rate this one
6 of 10 strength, and 17 of 20 overall...

REVIEW: Chieftains Islay Selection
Cigar Asylum.com
Chieftains Islay

From Inversiones, blended to complement the bold peaty character of Islay single malt whiskies from Scotland. This dark red-brown wrapper is oily, and the cigar is firm and heavy with the shades of tobacco showing at the foot. The pre light aromas are sweet, mature tobacco, the draw is firm and gives sweet notes of honey and caramel, with a minty essence.
I almost don't want to light it, it is very tasty just from the cold draw!

When I did light up, I was rewarded with a bold aroma of cedary rich tobacco, a nutty, chewy tast of firm, velvety tobacco flavor. This is going to be a fuller bodied blend I expect. The palate is broad and nicely lingering, there is a pleasant finish of espresso-like flavors. The finish is slightly dry, but less alkaline than the other Inversiones blends I have tried to date. The ash is gray and black, and very firm.

The first half is robust and full flavored, yet smooth and agreeable, there is a subtle saltiness,and caramel notes. I am really enjoying this!

The second half remains firm, the taste picks up oak, and gets more intense. The flavors stay full, the aroma stays bright and enjoyable. The burn is self correcting, and the cigar stays good to the nub.

I will have to get more of these to age and share with my friends, I want to have one with a good single malt, maybe an old Bowmore or a vintage Ardbeg. I rate this one 6.5 strength, and 18 of 20 overall...

REVIEW: Bahias
Cigar Asylum.com

This cigar is from Inversiones Tabacom in Costa Rica. I have a lot of respect for the Costa
Rican brands I have tried to date, the construction is excellent, and the taste and aromas are very enjoyable. It is likely they will do very well in the US market. The Bahias de Costa Rica has a flawless, toothy, light brown wrapper, the seams are perfect, the cigar is perfectly round and is heavy in the hand . The size is 5x42,a corona . The prelight reveals a firm draw, pleasant, mature, sweet tobacco taste, and gentle tobacco aromas with a hint of caramel.

The light up produces a clean, sweet tobacco taste, hints of cinnamon toast and
caramel. There is a gentle palate coating finish, light notes of fine leather, and toasted oak. The burn stays perfect throughout, the ash is light gray and very fine, this is a common note among all the cigars from this company.

The second half of this delightful smoke picks up the intensity a bit, the flavors are richer, but still gentle and sweet, the aromas still spicy and compelling.
I am very impressed by this offering, the flavor profile is wonderful, not strong , but very full and totally enjoyable, the aromas of the smoke make me want this cigar to last all day long.

I could smoke these every day, I would recommend this as a first smoke of the day, or a last smoke of the evening, it is totally delightful in every way. I rate this Bahias de Costa Rica 5.5 out of 10 strength, 18.5 out of 20 overall...

REVIEW: Flor Real Petit corona
Cigar Asylum.com
Flor Real Petit

This brand is from Costa Rica, sent to me by Inversiones Tabacom. The company has a big European presence, and has plans to market their products in the US. The wrapper is a rich, oily, light chocolate brown brindled color, all filler is dark brown,very fine. The cigar is firm and well rolled,very clean seams and perfectly round, and is slightly heavy in the hand. It gives fresh clean tobacco aromas and a spicy, bright tobacco taste during the pre light inspection.

The first half produces wonderful tastes of toasty oats and light herbal notes , a
rich leather taste, fragrant aromas, the palate is soft and compelling. The finish is drying, slightly alkaline from the soil where it was grown. The taste builds and gives dark roasted coffee flavors...

The second half increases in intensity,the palate becomes slightly coating,the taste profile shows leather,roots,cumin,firm tobacco taste,notes of black pepper in the aromas. Unique and very tasty! There is a lot of smoke produced in a gentle draw. The cigar has had a perfect burn, the head stayed firm, no flakes or stems in your mouth.

This is a wonderful smoke, a big flavor profile from a smaller vitola. I strongly recommend this cigar to those who enjoy smaller cigars with big flavor and intensity. I rate this cigar 7 out of 10 strength, 17 out of 20 overall...

REVIEW: Mythos Solitude
Cigar Asylum.com
Mythos Solitude

This cigar is from Costa Rica,the size is 4x40, a petit corona size. The wrapper is an oily, smooth dark chocolate color, the cigar is firm and very uniformly round. The pre light shows tastes and aromas of rich mature tobaccos,there is a subtle note of espresso on the tongue.

The light up produces copious amounts of smoke, the big and bold taste delivers leather, espresso, roots, rich tobacco notes, and the aroma is spicy and musky, very compelling. The palate is full and slightly alkaline, a result of the volcanic soil, and slightly dry.

The intensity builds in the second half, a great taste, exotic aromas that remind me of
a cuban Montecristo, the burn is perfect all the way to the nub.

This is a delightful little smoke, surprising body and strength from a small vitola, cool and even burning, I recommend it very highly.....

I rate the strength 7 out of 10, overall rating 18 out of 20. This little treasure is available
from Inversiones Tabacom. The firm has plans to market their products in the US, they are currently available in Europe....

REVIEW: Suenos Azul Robusto
Cigar Asylum.com
Suenos Azul

From Isthmus Cigars, this has a nice honey brown wrapper, it is firm with very clean seams, well made and solid feeling. The draw is medium firm.

The first half provides very fresh, bright tobacco flavors, cedar aromas, and a very clean, a lightly peppery finish. There are notes of fine leather, the ash is light gray and very firm.
The cigar is refreshingly tasty, medium bodied.

In the second half there is a gentle lingering flavor presence, more cedar notes, aromas of ginger and toasted oak, it keeps your attention. The burn on this one is perfect to the end, nicely cool and enjoyable.

I have come to expect the quality of construction I find in all of the Isthmus brands.
I would pair this with a hoppy lager beer, or light spirits, even a Speyside malt whiskey, it
has a character that does not overpower but compliments a good beverage. I rate this cigar 4.5 out of 10 strength,18 out of 20 as the overall rating. Another fine offering from Isthmus...

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